SS Instrument Trolley - CIT-105

SS Instrument Trolley - CIT-105

The SS Instrument Trolley – CIT-105 is a robust stainless steel trolley designed for seamless organization and transportation of medical instruments and supplies within healthcare facilities.


Our SS Instrument Trolley has a compact design with foldable shelves, adjustable height feature, and multiple features for customizable usage in diverse healthcare settings.

Sturdy Construction

Constructed with stainless steel pipes and shelves, ensuring long-lasting durability and resistance to corrosion.

Dual Shelves

Equipped with two stainless steel shelves, with S.S Sheet and welded to the vertical Pipes for added strength and rigidity.

Protective Railing

Features protective railing on three sides of the top shelf and four sides of the bottom shelf, preventing items during transport.

Smooth Mobility

Mounted on four plug type stainless steel fork swivel casters with semi-round rubber wheels, providing smooth movement.

Technical Specifications

Frame work :

The vertical members are made stainless steel pipe of 25 mm dia12
mm thick. The trdley is provided with two stainless steel shelves of Imm thick S.S
Sheet with the hole cut at tour corners as per pipe dia and wehed to the vertical Pipes
for strength and rigidity. All the surfaces are smooth and free from pitting. The Shelves
are reinforced with SS channels fixed inside the bends of the shelves and Welded with
the vertical members.

Two SS shelves :

With protective railing on three sides.

Upper and Lower height :

The upper and lower shelves are at the height of 900 and 250 mm respectively
above the ground level

Railing :

Railing of 1Omm dia. S.S. rod is fixed 75 mm. above three sides of the top SheIf
and four sides of Bottom Shelf

Casters :

Trolley is mounted on 4 nos. plug type S.S. Fork swivel Caster of 125 x25mm.
The Wheel are made out of semi round rubber, hardness 85-90, pressed fitted Over the
virgin polyamide pulley. The Wheel is having two no’s of bal bearing

Dimension :

600 mm (L) x 450 mm (W) x 1000 (H) mm with (+1-5 mm variation all three